We all love discovering a special, hidden boutique or café that only locals know about. Here you go, then. Your treasure map to discovering some of the more secret finds in wonderful Bend, Oregon.

Every listing in our guide is locally-owned, independent and highly recommended. You won’t find any chains or franchises here: just small businesses with a vision, a unique experience to offer, and a geographically-challenged address. You’ll find great shops and restaurants on your own when you explore our historic downtown, or are wandering about in our malls. But it’s unlikely you’ll just stumble across all the great, hidden spots shown here… that’s why we’re here to help! So enjoy your adventure, and come see us all. And please, be sure to let us know you found us in the Guide to Hidden Good Finds. If you're a local, now you can impress all your visiting friends with your vast insider's knowledge of your town.

The guide is organized by general neighborhood, so that you can explore one area at a time. We've included more listings on the web than are shown on the printed guide, so you may want to take note of some of our "extra" finds. Each listing has a map (and, if available, website) attached, so you can ponder it before you leave. Under the section "More spots," you'll see other noteworthy businesses and neighborhoods in Bend that are maybe slightly less hidden than our main listings, but worth looking for as well. Questions? Send us an email: info@goodfindsbend.com.

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